Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

  1. How did Nebuchadnezzar describe the mysterious fourth man in the fiery furnace?

  2. The face of an angel
    Like a half man half horse
    Tall and handsome
    Like a son of the gods

  3. What unusual phenomenon caused Moses to turn aside and investigate a bush?

  4. The bush spoke
    A ram was caught in its thicket
    It was burning yet not consumed
    He was bored while carrying for sheep

  5. How did the angels stop the men of Sodom who were trying to break down the door of Lot's house?

  6. They stuck them dead
    Turned them into salt
    They made them blind
    They caused a wind to blow them back

  7. What dead prophet did Saul have the witch at Endor bring up for him to talk to?

  8. Elijah

  9. Who had his hip dislocated while wrestling with an angel?

  10. Joseph

  11. Who was mistaken for a ghost after he escaped prison?

  12. Peter

  13. What prophet was lifted by his hair into the air by being that looked like burning metal?

  14. Jeremiah

  15. What effect did the angels appearance to Daniel at the Tigris River have on the men with Daniel?

  16. They fell asleep
    They cried out in praise
    They did nothing
    They were overcome with dread and fled

  17. What did Samson's parents think would happen to them after seeing the angel of the Lord?

  18. They would be blessed
    The would die
    They would glow
    They would not be believed by others

  19. What event made the natives of Malta think Paul was cursed by God?

  20. His going into a trance
    His hairstyle
    He was bitten by a viper
    His poor vision

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