Thursday, June 7, 2018

Name that Tune

  It was written by a native Ohioan song-and-dance man named Dan D. Emmett while setting in his New York hotel room.  It was first performed on April 4th, 1859 in New York Mechanic’s Hall. It was one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite tunes. He even asked for it to be played as he left the White House stage his after his announced Lee had surrendered to Grant.  What was the famous tune? Dixie.

  It’s ironic that the tune that became the anthem of the states below the Mason Dixon line was born from a staunch Union sympathizer. He late remarked, “If I’d know to what use they were going to put my song, I’d never written it”!

  It funny how things can be attached to causes, ideologies or movement even when they don’t necessarily belong there.  Words become toxic even when their true meaning is benign.  People that should be disdained are made to be heroes because of a side they stand on.  Principles once exhorted are manipulated into vices to be condemned.

  We see that today in matters of faith.  Words like grace, love, and baptism are twisted till they are forced to say something they don’t really mean.  Religion has become a negative word to many.  Church is viewed more as a political organization that a spiritual one. Words of eternal Truth are made to be suggestions of limited time.

Therefore do not let what is for you a good thing be spoken of as evil
Romans 14:16
  The world may at times appropriate our good things for its own selfish purposes. We, however, don’t have to bow to the action. You don’t half to color in the lines the world draws. Let God hold our standards and follow as he has set forth. Don’t be ashamed of the Lord or the things for which he stands.

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