Tuesday, June 12, 2018



Take a chance on this quiz

  1. What queen took a great risk to approach the King without being summoned to save her people?

  2. Jezebel

  3. How would Jonathan signal David if his life was in danger from Saul?

  4. He would place a lamp in his window
    He would send a messenger with a scroll
    He would shoot an arrow and tell lad retrieving them they were further away
    He would make the cry of a loon at dawn

  5. What dangerous path did Jesus use as a locale in the parable of the Good Samaritan?

  6. The Desert Road
    Road to Emmaus
    The road from Jerusalem to Jericho
    The road from Jerusalem to Gaza

  7. What silversmith started a riot in Ephesus causing the people to shout 'Great is Artemis'?

  8. Paul
    Alexander the coppersmith

  9. What event causes the disciples to cry out to Jesus, "do You not care that we are perishing"?

  10. The storm on the sea
    The persecution by the Jews
    The arrest in the garden
    Fasting in the desert

  11. Which one is NOT one of the dangers Paul said he faced for the cause of Christ?

  12. Rivers
    False brethren

  13. What reason did the Centurion escorting Paul to Rome sail from Fair Havens over Paul's objection?

  14. It was the best season for sailing
    The harbor was not suitable for wintering
    He was afraid Paul would escape
    He feared an attack from the Jews

  15. What risk does Ecclesiastes say a person who breaks through a wall takes?

  16. The enemy might use it to attack
    The wall may fall
    You might lose the suspension of disbelief
    A serpent may bite him

  17. How did Samson first take revenge on the Philistines for giving away his wife?

  18. Set loose foxes with lit torches on their tails
    He knocked down their temple
    He threw a hornet's nest in their camp
    He killed all the strong men in a wrestling contest

  19. What piece of information did Joab use to distract David's criticism of Joab's battle strategy?

  20. Uriah the Hittite is dead
    Bathsheba is now bathing
    I know where Absalom is hiding
    The ark is in danger

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