Tuesday, June 26, 2018



Don't be sorry, be better on this quiz

  1. What made God sorry he had made man?

  2. Man refused to worship God correctly
    Thoughts of man's heart was only evil continually.
    Man ate of the fruit of the garden
    God saw they were not good

  3. In Judges, what did Israel allow the tribe of Benjamin to do because they felt sorry for them?

  4. Led the people into battle
    Become priests
    Raid Jabesh-Gilead and take the virgins for wives
    Use the gold from the temple to fix up their land

  5. Where was the destroying angel when God felt sorry for the pestilence caused by David's census?

  6. By the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.
    The gate of the palace
    Over the sea of Galilee
    In the sky above Jerusalem

  7. Who described his friends as "sorry comforters"?

  8. Jesus

  9. Even though he was sorry to do it, why does the Bible say Herod killed John the Baptist?

  10. He was worried about the revenge of his disciple
    Because of his oath and the dinner guests
    It was required by the law
    He was worried about a riot

  11. According to Proverbs, who has sorrow, contentions, complaining, and wounds without cause?

  12. The lazy fool
    The ruler of young men
    A man with a continuous wife
    Those who linger long over wine

  13. Who was healed from his sickness so Paul would not have "sorrow upon sorrow"?

  14. Epaphroditus
    John Mark

  15. For what reason did the young ruler walk away from Jesus grieved?

  16. He told him he was too sinful
    Jesus said he didn't like him
    He was very rich and Jesus told him to give away his possessions
    He would not a make him an apostle

  17. What book of the Bible name means a passionate expression of grief or sorrow?

  18. Deuteronomy

  19. What psalmist wrote, "For my life is spent with sorrow And my years with sighing"?

  20. Asap

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