Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

The Bible uses sports as an illustration several times. See if you can answer these questions about those illustrations.
  1. What did Paul say those that compete in the games receive?

  2. A perishable wreath
    A victor's crown
    A medal
    Cheers from the crowd

  3. What did the Hebrew writer say could entangle us in our race?

  4. Bad choices
    Evil Companions
    The holes in the road

  5. According to Paul what must an athlete do to win the prize?

  6. Beat the competition
    Win the Crowd
    Never give up
    Compete according to the rules

  7. Who wrestled with God?

  8. Paul
    The Devil

  9. What did Paul compared body training to that was of even greater value?

  10. Endurance running

  11. What endeavor did Paul say he didn't do without aim?

  12. Dance
    Shoot an arrow

  13. What metaphor did Paul NOT use when describing the end of his life?

  14. Finished the Course
    Stood on the Podium
    Fought the Good Fight
    I have kept the Faith

  15. According to Proverbs what is like a sport to the fool?

  16. Stealing
    Running his mouth
    Doing wickedness
    Telling tales

  17. To whom did Paul exclaim, "You were running well; who hindered you from obeying the truth"?

  18. The Phillippians
    The Galatians
    The Cretans
    The Jews

  19. What did Paul say he did to make sure he had not run the race in vain?

  20. Stayed to the pathway
    He kept a slow pace
    Hold fast the word of life
    He stayed with the pack

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