Monday, May 21, 2018

A Modern Day Parable

  A man had two sons

  The younger son of them felt he had earned his share of his father’s estate so he left home with Dad’s credit card and went out to find himself.

  It didn’t take long till the card was maxed out and the people that the younger son was indebted to didn’t seem to care too much about the younger son’s journey of discovery, and just wanted their money. Times were tough and it seemed a full of himself spoiled son wasn’t the resume material for an easy high paying job so the son had to get a low-end menial one.

  One day when he was scrubbing toilets, the younger son had an epiphany. His Dad was wealthy and raised him accustomed to that lifestyle. This wasn’t fair. He couldn't even afford an unlimited data plan on minimum wage. He shouldn’t have to work. His father had cursed him with affluenza. This was his fault! He should march right back to father house and lay the blame right square on him!

  So as texted his Father to tell him he was coming home. The Father jumped into his truck and drove all the way to pick him up. He saw him and hugged him and put his stuff in the back. “We sure have missed you missed you” began the Father, but before he could finish the younger son started in on his explanation of his condition and his expectation of his Father’s responsibility to fix the problem he had created. The Father listened all the way home, never interrupting or trying to defend himself, though he often had a very puzzled look about him. When they arrived at the house, the father said: “let’s go in and have some supper and see if we can’t help you out”.

  As they walked in the older brother peaked downstairs to see what the noise was about. When he saw his younger brother walk in, he was livid. The Father yelled for the older son to come and eat but he never did. So the Father went upstairs to check on the older brother.

  As soon as he opened his door the older brother threw a fit. What’s he doing here? Haven’t you done enough for him? All he does is waste our money. I’m not like him, the only thing I cost you is my mouthy X-box subscription. I never leave this room. He is the one going out on the town living it up. He’s just here to bleed you dry. I’m not buying new stuff all the time. At least you could upgrade the Wi-Fi connection so I would lag when I’m online.

   The Father let out an exasperated sigh. “I never made you work for anything and let you stay here for free,” he explained, “Your brother fell on some hard times and I think I can help him learn some responsibility. Shouldn't I try to do that?

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