Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm Paraphrasing But…

  Think twice before you post your good deeds on Facebook so people can like them; doing so doesn’t make your heavenly Father proud.

  When you are doing something for the poor and you post about the good work you are doing, then do a press release so everyone will know that you are the 'church that really cares', don’t expect a reward from God, you're already getting your publicity.

  It would be a lot better if you just did it; not did it and uploaded it, you can do good without the social media knowing about it.

  The internet might not know all about it but God sure would, and isn’t him we are seeking to please?

  We should pray, but we don’t have to make sure we tweet it out that everyone can share our wonderfully written words.  Prayer is talking to God, not another way we can promote ourselves and our agendas.  Once again God isn’t impressed.

  Rather than put it out there, how about we keep it to ourselves.  God hears it when we are alone and he is the one that is able to answer our prayers. So why do we need to publish it?

 Long flowery discourses and cutting social insight may be impressive to the world but God’s heard it all before.

 That is not the way to pray, God doesn’t need to be informed by you.

  Praying to God is best when it is rather simple.  Acknowledging Him and His greatness.  Seeking His will.  Requesting his aid in what we need.  Asking Him to help us to be better than what we are and guide us out of things that might keep us from Him.

  If we can’t do these things who are we to be telling the world about our goodness.

  A Christian's sacrificial actions are not so we can benefit from the photo opp. So our friends will think, “Look what they gave up because they are so holy.”  It’s a lot better to hide our works than to flaunt them. God isn’t finding out about our deeds because we have a social media presence, He knows what we do even if no one else does.

  For lots of folks, the buzz and accolades are the prize, but those are not going to last. Todays' trending is forgotten tomorrow when someone else comes along and steals the spotlight. The real reward is from God,  and He won’t forget.

  Doing good is only good when our heart is in the right place.

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