Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A paradigm shifting treaties on pseudo-intellectual tendencies absent in canonical pedagogy of Jesus

  Ever try to read that EULA you click thru on your new software?  Have you ever tried to read the medical reports published about new drug tests?  Ever sit thru a presentation on education methodology? 

Did you understand any of it?

  It is not because you're not smart enough, even if that’s how it made you feel.  The reason for the misperception is the jargon and language that are used. The ‘technicaleze” that is spoken make you think that what is being told is so out of your reach that it must be on some higher intellectual plane.  So you just accept it, because if sounds this smart it must be right, right?

  This technobabble tendency occurs in many areas of life. The goal of the speech isn’t always to inform but impress, to sound smart, and to woo you with the length of words rather than the content of the message.

  That is what is so different about the teachings of Jesus.  Did you know the average Bible word is only five letters long?  The lessons of Jesus are simple, clear, and concise. It’s not that Jesus isn’t speaking profound truths but, rather he is taking those immense concepts and putting on a level that everyone can understand

  And that is the point.

  The Bible isn’t written to be impressive, though it is.  Jesus teaching wasn’t so he could be known as a great teacher, though he was.  The purpose of the Scriptures is so we can learn about God and how can we learn if the lesson is way off our level?

“…but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.”
John 20:31

  Jesus wanted us to understand him not to be impressed with his vocabulary.  God’s word is for our comprehension not for confusion.  You can know and understand the Bible for yourself.  Don’t buy the lie you have to have someone else tell you what it really means.  Scripture is meant to known and understood.  Bible confusion often comes more from manipulation of the text than it being misunderstood.  

   If you really want to know what God has said in his Word, you can.  Its language isn’t a code to be deciphered but a lesson that need to be read and learned.

  God wants you to understand him, but do you?

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