Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Oh, It’s Nothing

  It is greater than God yet also more evil than the devil. The poor have it, and the rich don’t want it. If you wear it you show everything, if you speak it you remain quiet and it you buy it you save money. The blind man sees it, the deaf man hears it but if you eat it, you’ll die.  

 What is it?


  Nothing doesn’t sound like it is much of anything but in reality it is something. Doing nothing can get you fired. Saying nothing can help you out of trouble. Seeing nothing make you look ignorant but revealing nothing can make you seem wise.   

  Some folks believe when Jesus says nothing about a subject means he’s saying he approves of it even though He has said nothing at all. Likewise there are some that believe in doing nothing wrong they have done enough to “hear well done good and faithful servant”.  

  Yet the scriptures are clear nothing is a very dangerous thing.  In the three parables of Matthew 25, those that stood condemned did nothing.  They didn’t prepare, didn’t use their talents or do anything for the least of these.  James tells us that faith that does nothing is dead and useless.  John tells us that the love of God can’t abide in us if we do nothing to help our brother in need.  Doing nothing can cost us our soul.

  God stopped at nothing to save us but if we start doing nothing it’s the quickest way to for us to be lost.  When men are confronted with the truth of the gospel the question they ask is “what must I do” because they know it is a message that deserves a response.  An action must be taken, a change must be made, a confession must be offered. Something must be done!


  All you have to do to spend eternity in hell is nothing. 

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