Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How the Ultimate Boss Leads

Micromanage ˈmīkrōmanij/
verb: control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).
control of a person or a situation by paying extreme attention to small details in a way that is usually not wanted or that causes problems

  This is a word I hadn’t heard of until a few years ago but when I look back to my past it always been there.  Many folks have found themselves either at work or an organization where you been micromanaged.  It is when someone hands you control and then does everything to take it away.  It comes from a leader that must control every detail in order for them to feel in charge.  Under that form of management you are not really a person, just a part.  There is no room for your own thinking, your own judgment, your own voice. It’s generally considered a bad way to do things.

  Then why is it so common?

  I think it is a reaction to responsibility.  The pressure of being in charge cause one to clamp down so they don’t lose control of what supposed to be holding on to.  However rather than controlling it, you end up crushing it.   

  What I find most interesting is it may be the way of the world; it’s not how you see God treat his people.  God could have made us automatons that obey without any thought, but he didn’t he gave us choice.  Even though we are terrible at choice, even though it would cost him greatly to give us that choice, he does it anyway.  It doesn’t abandon us without guidance yet he doesn’t force us to His way, even though it is the best way, the only way.  He gives us principles to live, yet doesn’t dictate our every move.  He sets a standard and then encourages us to live up to it. He allows us to make mistake even though he could stop it.  Many can’t fathom why he does this, yet it leads us to a deeper and more meaningful understanding of Him and our purpose.

  In a world today that is all about controlling you; isn’t a God encourages and guides you a much better way to live.  Satan entraps, controls, and bullies you.  God loves, leads, and invites you.

  We all will serve someone. Wouldn’t you want to serve the person that isn’t trying to crush you but to hold you in His hand?

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