Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Thought to Cure Everything

  I admit it I’m too easily frustrated.  Whether it’s with the checkout person that can’t seem to realize I had not planned to spend my entire day in this line, or the company that makes ordering a 10 cent part a three day ordeal, or the insurance company that’s really good about taking my money but no so good at giving it back or ….. Well you get the idea.

  I know I don’t need to get so upset, but my mind just can’t seem to let go. Then my blood pressure rises, and my temper start to spew out like steam from a teakettle.  So how do I take my mind off the frustrations, the foolish, and the unfair?

  Well, recently I saw this wonderful little post by Jeff Archey,
The beloved bride needed the private label Sudafed, so I get the little card from the rack, go to the pharmacist, show my license and sign agreeing to use it properly. Then I noted the price was wrong, so I go back in line again...got a debit card to make up the difference--not cash, not back on my credit card. Sigh...I'm standing there thinking of my inconvenience because of the abuse and wrong doing of a few.
Then I thought of Calvary...and my situation was no big deal.

  Then I thought of Calvary… Puts everything into perceptive doesn’t it.  The suffering and anguish and frustration felt on the cross pales in comparison to my minor problems.  The love poured out for me on that hill far away, makes the little flaws in my world seem minuscule.  The effort given to save a worm like me make my burdens seems insignificant.

  So here is my new mantra.  When the world seems against me, then I think of Calvary.  When it seem like no one care much about me, then I think of Calvary. When I wonder I think I’m worthless, then I think to Calvary.  When I think there isn’t anything good anymore, then I think to Calvary

Then I think of Calvary… and nothing else seems like a big deal anymore.

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