Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How You Doing?

  We all ask the question that we really don't want the person to answer, “How are you doing?”. It's not meant to be a question, it's meant to be a greeting. If someone actually does tell us how they are doing after we asked, we normally are taken aback. They are not to respond with details. It supposed to be a simple, “Fine. How are you” . It is a feint in interest, not a necessarily a true concern.

  So with that being said let me ask “How are you doing?”

  Are you feeling well? Is the family OK? Are you happy at your job? Can you pay the bills? Did the doctor say you were back to normal?  Most of the time, we associated the physical in our tallying how well we are doing. A clean bill of health, a raise at the office, the kids are making you proud, all mean I am doing well.  
  But is that all there is to doing well?

  Let’s consider for a moment the greeting of 3rd John 1:2. Here John writes, “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. John wishes them prosperity but not just in finances. He wishes them good health but not just for their body. He has a genuine concern for their soul as well. To have a good life you can't ignore your soul’s condition. You can’t be doing well if there is something lacking in your spiritual condition. You can have money in the bank, be fit as a fiddle, but there can still be a hole in your soul that only God can fill. Don't ignore you spiritual condition.

  Next time someone ask “how are you doing” use that moment to take a quick spiritual inventory. You don’t have to respond to them (they didn’t want you to anyhow) but consider your life. If the soul isn’t prospering, than it doesn't really matter if all other ways are. But when the soul is right, it will make everything else better as well!

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